Tap-Scan.me merges NFC (Near Field Communications chips and QR Codes to make a unique and functional technology from two.

Tap-Scan.me is the next generation of customer engagement. Using the visual impact of a QR Code and the latest in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology it showcases your promotion, product, web site or email list using enhanced interactivity which connect the virtual world with the physical world using a smartphone. It works with ALL smart phones, all models of the iPhone and all Android phones. Smart phones not equipped with NFC technology where a simple tap of the phone engages the client, can easily download a QR reader at i-nigma.mobi to scan the QR code

Everyone carries their mobile phones and now you can engage them 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. Tap-Scan.ME NFC/QR Codes can be custom programmed for your website, mobile menu, email message, SMS message, phone number and can be made programmable so you can change what happens when Tap-Scan.Me NFC/QR Codes are tapped or scanned.

face-book 4x6Tap-Scan.Me cards can be used:

  • Send an email – join your email list; simply tap/scan and press send
  • Load a web site – Mobile Menu and more
  • Like a Facebook page
  • Check in @  Foursquare
  • Call a phone number
  • Send SMS message
  • Join a loyalty program
  • Load YouTube Video
  • Present Coupons or Special Offers
  • And More!

4x6 1007Tap-Scan.me cards are not just a visual offer but  they actually engage the client in a simple and easy way. No long forms to fill out or complicated web site addresses to remember or type, simply tap or scan!

Tap-Scan.Me cards take your online marketing efforts to the next level of user engagement and interaction. All with a simple tap or scan.

Try it now with your smart phone, scan the Tap-Scan.Me codes in the slideshow and on this page: visit our Facebook page, our website, send us an email, call us, text us, download our contact information, map your location or map our location!

The possibilities are truly limitless.



Contact us for more information: jimdhaem@tap-scan.me

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